Facomaq was founded in 1961 by the hand of D.Joaquín Ferrer Ruiz. At first he devoted exclusively to the invention and manufacture of flap discs for sanding and polishing of glass edges.

Since then Facomaq dedicated to the transformation of abrasive and trading. Facomaq corporate policy has always been motivated to meet the needs of its customers, provide excellent quality products and provide fast delivery, requiring itself in this way to have their stocks of manufactured Standard, and manufacturing on request the product according to the needs indicated by their customers. This demonstrates that during all these years are still used to great effect for your glass discs, being the only market and enjoying high acceptance among its users.

later the founder and manager of the company then, he decided, based on their extensive knowledge and great demand in the wood sector to start their career in this sector, thus leaving the the glass industry, which had already achieved great success and great reputation.

We are a company dedicated to the transformation of abrasive and manufacture of woodworking machinery.